Let Tay’s take the time and frustration out of fundraising for your organization with quality BBQ that everybody LOVES!

With easy to sell hickory smoked BBQ, we guarantee huge profits for your group without a lot of sweat equity on your part. Our BBQ is a great way to build a core base for your organization’s fundraising needs and to expand your goals annually.

• Our Boston Butt program on average yields ten dollars profit per butt when you sell them for thirty dollars. (average size is 8-10#) This is a savings of over five dollars a pound compared with the majority of reputable BBQ restaurants in the area, a real bargain for your supporters!

• We also offer Rib and Ham programs with similar returns for your group.

• We can provide customized flyers and order forms to help market your event successfully.

• We are happy to meet with your organization to explain the fundraising process.

• Live outside of our area? We can travel with our BBQ pits and come to you.

Here is how it works:

Your members sell the boston butts and collect all money up front. You give us the total number of butts sold 2 days prior to the scheduled delivery date. We smoke the butts over a twelve to fourteen hour period and wrap the butts individually the morning of pick up day. You can stage the pick up from Tay's or a central distribution center such as a church or stadium. We suggest transporting the BBQ in ice chests to keep the butts warm for delivery. Our pork freezes remarkably well and the delivered product literally falls off the bone when your supporters unwrap it! Tay's has the equipment and the experience to make your event a success time and time again!

Call Matthew at 228-326-7476 for further details and available dates for your event.